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CHROMATONE v1 for FL Studio Patcher

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Say hello to CHROMATONE v1, the plugin that's about to level up your bass game big time. Inspired by Chroma by Xynth Audio, it's like having a secret weapon in your FL Studio Patcher toolbox.

So, here's the deal: CHROMATONE v1 brings some serious heat, but let's keep it real—if you've got the budget, Chroma is where it's at. It's got a few extra bells and whistles, and let's not forget, it's lighter on your CPU too. But hey, if you're like me and you're ballin' on a budget, CHROMATONE v1 is the next best thing.

Here's the lowdown: CHROMATONE v1 rocks a slick interface with all the sliders and knobs you need to finesse your sounds. And hey, no 3rd party plugins are used, so you're getting the full experience right out of the box. Plus, don't sleep on the KEY SELECT view—you can choose your key, pick your scale, and even throw in your own chords with the MIDI button. Talk about flexing your creative muscles!

And here's the kicker: while CHROMATONE v1 might not have all the fancy UI and CPU-saving tricks of Chroma, it still packs a punch where it counts. Plus, it's tailor-made for FL Studio Patcher, so you know it's gonna integrate seamlessly with your workflow.

Oh, and let's not forget—it uses Vocodex as its Vocoder Carrier to colorize sounds, unlike Chroma that uses EQ boosting and eliminating frequencies from the key. So, while they're not the same, if you're aiming to create color bass in FL Studio, you're definitely in the right place.

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to boring basslines and hello to CHROMATONE v1. Your music will thank you later.

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Customer Reviews


Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Works great - Worth the price!

Works great, and a suitable clone. You'll need a little external knowledge of Patcher to get multiple instances running for different mixer tracks. Either freeze the sound instance or change the Port in Midi Out to a different number, head into the patcher instance and toggle event wires and change the Audio Out to match that port number (it's default 0 so disable that), if the creator makes an easier way to load this up on different mixer inserts it would be 5*.


2 months ago

it's crazy good

thank you for making this. I 200% recommend this


3 months ago

Sounds amazing 🥹

I already have Chroma but couldn't resist getting Chromatone lol while they don't sound identical as you also mentioned, I'm loving the unique vibe it brings to my basses especially with the releas and formant knob. Now I'm using both Chroma and Chromatone on my tracks and I'm absolutely loving the combo 😂❤️

Charles B.

3 months ago

this is a steal for the price

Seriously, I'd pay more just for how good it looks, and it works even better!

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